Within the fields of Health, Social Care and Education we work collaboratively with organisations to maximise their potential as pro social services. Our consultancies include:

Strategic Development: Engendering Golden Thread thinking for staff at all levels to ensure new strategies are SMART, fully owned, and ensure organisations journey beyond their expectations through clarity of vision, teamwork and partnership building.

Communications: Continuous improvements in internal and external communications are key for the success of any organisation. We advice, deliver and create user friendly communications solutions (including podcasts, web video, and social media platforms) to ensure companies maximise their potential to connect.

Social Marketing: using effective pro-social marketing techniques, we advice organisations how to deliver key messages with a view to fostering behavioral change for social good.

Event Management: Experienced in successful event management we offer an efficient, personal and effective service ranging from large scale conference and event organization (e.g. Marshaid, BANES 2012) to hosting (compering) events within the fields of Health, Social Care and Education (e.g. The Equalities Forum, South Glos 2012)

Case Study: Our Consultancy work with Sirona Care & Health involves collaboratively developing a vision to deliver high quality health and social care services throughout BANES and the South West. From facilitating new dynamic partnerships to creating SMART strategies in areas such as Dementia Care and Social Media, we are pleased to be working with such a pro-social organisation.